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Nutrition & Ingredients



We select our ingredients with a great deal of care and we're always looking for the best. We never use artificial ingredients, and when possible, we always choose to source locally. The table below provides details on every single ingredient we use.

IngredientProducts Where UsedNotes
Milk Caramels 100% of the milk we use is organic and comes from an organic farm/creamery only 10 miles from our facility. The milk is from Guernsey and Jersey cows - both known for their superior quality dairy.
Cream Caramels 100% organic - same source as our milk.
Chocolate Toffee We use fine chocolates from Callebaut (GMO-free from Belgium).
Sugar Caramels, Toffee, Nougat 100% organic cane sugar. This typically is sourced from Brazil.
Butter Caramels, Toffee European style cultured butter - all from rGBH-free Vermont cream.
Maple Syrup Maple Caramels 100% pure Vermont. All of our suppliers are local.
Organic Brown Rice Syrup Caramels, Toffee, Nougat Used by candy makers to bind ingredients and improve texture and shelf life by retarding sugar crystallization.
Pecans Pecan Caramels Our Pecans are 100% organic and are grown in Texas.
Almonds Toffee, Nougat Our Almonds are 100% organic and are grown in California.
Pistachios Nougat Our Pistachios are 100% organic and are grown in California.
Honey Nougat All of our honey comes from local beekeepers.
Vanilla Toffee, Nougat  
Egg Whites Nougat The egg whites (albumen) we use are both fresh (from local free-range chickens) and powdered.
Cocoa Butter Nougat Used to improve the taste/texture of our nougat.
Baking Soda Caramels The function of baking soda is to neutralize the acidity level of the other ingredients. This is necessary when using fresh dairy. Baking Soda is not an agricultural product and therefore USDA certification (e.g. organic) is not applicable.
Salt / Sea Salt Caramels, Toffee Fleur de Sel used in our Sea Salt Caramels is hand-harvested in France and is an all-natural product. Standard sea salt is used elsewhere. Salt is not an agricultural product and therefore USDA Organic certification is not applicable.
The Newyork Times Good Food Award 2015 Yankee New England